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Contact Ginny

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact Ginny:

420 Hilmoore Drive
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901
Phone:  (301) 452-4656


  • $2,000/day
  • $200/hr for consultations/consulting
  • $800 for less than 4 hrs
  • Expenses additional (approx $800-1,000 for plane tkt, meals, parking, taxis, etc)

Video Assesment

Ginny is able to evaluate your child via Video tape or Videoconferencing.

For a fee of $100 she will view a 30 minute video of your child sitting, standing, walking, transfering, rolling, etc. and will discuss treatment strategies that your current therapy team might consider. A written summary of Ginny’s reccommendations will be provided.